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26 Oct

Improve the nutritional value of candied apples

Homemade candied apples are a fixture come Halloween. Sweet, delectable and very easy to make, these apples are a staple at parties and may even be distributed to trick-or-treaters. As anyone who has bit into a sticky-sweet candied apple can attest, although delicious, these apples are not exactly a healthy snack. Yet, with a few, easy modifications, it's possible to improve the nutritional value of candied apples.

With ingredients like caramel, marshmallow, chocolate fudge, and sugar, it's easy to see how candied apples do not embody a healthy treat, despite an apple being underneath all those candy adornments. Try these ideas to increase the nutritional value of this beloved treat.

· Make your own caramel using condensed milk, brown sugar and butter. By controlling the ingredients, you can avoid extra sugar and any additives in commercially sold caramel toppings.

· Use honey for the outer coating of the apple. Then roll it in chopped almonds or granola.

· Coat apples with dark chocolate, which contains less sugar than milk chocolate and is packed with antioxidants. Sprinkle with dried cranberries and chopped walnuts.

· Substitute actual cinnamon for melted cinnamon candies in recipes. Mix powdered cinnamon with a light corn syrup and then dip the apples to coat.

· Swirl homemade raspberry jam with an all-natural peanut butter and spread it on the apples for a gourmet take on peanut butter and jelly.

· Hazelnut spreads are all the rage right now. Use your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread on the apples and sprinkle with granola for crunch.

· Drizzle the apples with your sugary concoction rather than dipping them to cut down on the sugar. This still provides much flavor but does so without all of the sugar.

· Dip apples in melted cheese, like brie or gouda. Sprinkle with bacon bits for a sweet and salty combination.

Experiment with your own flavors. Making your own candied apples, rather than purchasing them from stores, enables you to control the ingredients and how much actual candy goes into the recipe.

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