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Winter accompanies the time of year when coughs, fevers, stuffy noses, and tummy aches become the norm in both kids and adults. The spread of these conditions run rampant at the start of the new year. Yet some people remain unscathed and seemingly untouched by the microbes which cause sickness- even while living with family members who become sick. The thought often crosses collective minds with wonder about why some people get sick and others do not. People all possess an immune system meant to protect the body and fight disease, yet all immunity does not appear to manifest equally: even in families under the same roof.

Every person’s body comes equipped with an amazing immune system comprised of little soldiers created with the specific purpose of being vigilant against foreign invaders in the form of germs and disease. The location of an invader triggers a set of hormones to call specific white blood cell fighters to crash the scene and destroy the unwelcome presence. The process occurs without the conscious awareness of the human body. The immune system operates through a series of constant ongoing procedures that take place without thought or human instruction. The entire fascinating process of health, healing, and restoration occurs under the guidance and direction of the autonomic nervous system.

Evidence proves that Chiropractic care improves function of the autonomic nervous system through gentle adjustments which increase movement in the spine and balance communication between the brain and nervous system. The adjustments empower the autonomic processes by reducing stress in the nervous system. The outcome leads to improved hormone balance that guides immune function and results in better health.

Research from 2010 showed that patients receiving Chiropractic adjustments increased a specific signaling molecule in the body called Interleukin-2. Interleukin-2 regulates the activities of white blood cells responsible for immunity, a key component of the body's natural response to microbial infection. Interleukin-2 also helps the body recognize and create specific responses that neutralize foreign invaders. This protein molecule existed at higher rates in people who received a Chiropractic spinal adjustment in comparison to people who did not.

The primary focus of a Chiropractic adjustment does not target the immune system or a specific symptom or condition. The increased health function from an adjustment simply serves as an example of an outcome which takes place after removing interference from the nervous system. The static in the nervous system lines decreases when the spine becomes better aligned and mobile. While other health professions attempt to change the environment to suit a weakened body, Chiropractic focuses on strengthening the body to suit all naturally occurring environments.

Four methods of improving long term immunity include:

1) Staying on track with adjustments to keep the autonomic nervous system balanced

2) Making sure to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D (a major immune booster)

3) Adding 30-60 minutes of sleep to a normal routine (inadequate sleep plummets immunity)

4) Replacing sugary drinks and snacks with more nutritious choices (sugar drains immunity)

Good health serves as one of life’s most treasured assets. The choices people make to acquire and maintain their wellbeing represent the extent to which people value the freedom that comes with a healthy life. That passion amplifies even more when it comes to the future of children and families. Reactive health care after someone becomes sick or debilitated costs a fortune in money, time, and emotional turmoil. A major demographic shift continues to evolve individual and family ideology towards proactive health care. People want to invest in health care which improves health, prevents degeneration, and promotes an overall improvement of function and well-being rather than waiting to treat symptoms after the body begins to face disease and sickness.

Most health insurances focus more on sick care than health care. Sick care kicks in after a sickness, symptom, or disease begins to attack the body. Health care focuses on proactively taking care of the body so that problems, symptoms, or diseases never arrive. Chiropractic falls into both categories but provides the unique ability to proactively improve the body’s health and function while preventing degeneration by restoring spinal alignment, movement, and nervous system function.

An old adage declares that a healthy person carries a heart full of thousands of goals, dreams, and aspirations, but a person plagued by sickness or disease carries only one. A person’s precious health deserves to be cared for and maintained. People often take major steps of preventative care for automobiles, homes, and even their teeth while overlooking the body’s critical need for spine and nervous system care. General maintenance ensures maximized function. The benefits of Chiropractic extend far beyond back and neck pain relief. Symptoms seemingly unrelated to the spine improve through Chiropractic care due to the spine’s intimate relationship with the central nervous system. One of the great benefits of a Chiropractic plan for health care stems from the body’s ability to resolve pain without the need for drugs and powerful pain killers. Adjustments also improve overall organ and system function to prevent future problems from occurring.

Studies continue to show the people who utilize Chiropractic care with on-going checkups and adjustments experience better overall health than those who did not. The results of recent research completed in 2018 proved that patients who receive consistent Chiropractic care after an initial treatment plan experience greater relief, lower pain reports, and a reduction in the risk of disability.

Chiropractic science involves so much more than simple pain relief. Spine and nervous system care help maximize function, improve mobility, and reduce the risks of further pain and degeneration. Understanding that health serves as one of life’s greatest assets goes hand in hand with engaging in preventative health care. Optimal health involves powerful and effective communication between structure and function within the body. Chiropractic adjustments improve the health of the spine to ensure better function. Chiropractic care approaches the root of pain and disease at the source by creating an environment where the body is free to flourish, heal, and approach the future with healthy resiliency. A plan for lifetime wellness care for the entire family begins with Chiropractic.

Elite and amateur runners consistently seek tools, strategies, and resources which deliver a competitive advantage on the track or running course. Chiropractic spinal adjustments provide a unique advantage to runners that augment their benefits from food, supplements, specific training protocols, and other manual care. All recreational and competitive runners deserve to experience how Chiropractic care maximizes training, performance, and recovery.

New research helps explain why Chiropractic uniquely benefits short and long-distance runners. Research published in January of 2018 proved that a single spinal adjustment increased muscle strength and corticospinal excitability to muscles in elite athletes. The increased muscle force and the increased corticospinal excitability helped athletes gain an edge over their competitors. Utilizing Chiropractic spinal adjustments as part of training also enabled athletes to train harder and with greater strength and precision.

Chiropractic care helps runners in a multitude of ways. The component that the majority of athletes and coaches understand involves the improvement of motion and biomechanics. Chiropractic adjustments improve motion in the spine and joints, increasing the ease of movement and efficiency of body biomechanics. Greater mobility and range of motion minimizes the risk of injury within the muscles, ligaments, and tendons during training and on race day. Chiropractic also improves postural and spinal alignment. The improvement of alignment minimizes unnecessary wear and tear on joints like good axel alignment on a car. Research also indicated that Chiropractic care maximizes muscle strength and corticospinal excitability. This means that an adjustment improves the amount of electrical activity from the brain to the body by improving alignment and movement of the spine. The increased electrical activity produces greater strength in the muscles of the leg.

The spine maintains an intimate relationship with the brain and central nervous system. Proper alignment and movement help maximize the function of the spine and nervous system. The rigorous training involved with daily running creates a need for routine nervous system maintenance. Wear and tear on the spine and body biomechanics from hitting the pavement necessitate proper care for the spine and posture.

The most foundational aspect of training involves the body’s ability to continually work, recover, and improve on the previous day, week, and month. Passionate runners deserve every opportunity to maximize training and recovery while limiting the risk of injury. Healing and repair between long runs or short bouts of intense training require the body to be functioning at optimal levels. Key components like nutrition, sleep, and running biomechanics become more enhanced and productive when combined with Chiropractic. Running for recreation or competition become metaphors for longevity and endurance on both the track and in real life. Chiropractic offers the opportunity to not only perform at peak levels but also maintain a long-term lifestyle that allows runners to maintain their passion and their health into advanced age. Whether training for a race or for the long-term life experience, Chiropractic helps finish the race well.

The most important improvements from a Chiropractic adjustment occur in the brain and nervous system. The latest research on headaches and depression reports that, “autonomic dysfunction plays a role in the pathogenesis of tension-type headaches and depressive disorders.” The research indicates why so many people suffering from headaches find relief through Chiropractic adjustments. The research also indicates that people coping with depression often turn to Chiropractic for long term relief and resolve which cannot be provided by drugs and prescriptions. 

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and nervous system. Scientific evidence proves that small misalignments of spinal vertebrae coupled with altered mobility create stress in the nervous system. The nervous system stress, also referred to as autonomic dysfunction, increases stress hormones in the blood and body. A sustained increase in stress hormones creates an environment for symptoms such as headaches, pain, and even depression. The most powerful medications in the world do not relieve the nervous system stress that underlies the cause of many of the unwanted symptoms associated with headaches and depressed mood disorders. Chiropractors do not pursue the resolution of a specific disorder through an adjustment. Chiropractors assess, locate, and adjust areas of nervous system stress and misalignment. The outcome focuses on restoring normal function and tone in the brain and nervous system to provide a powerful environment of healing and wellness. Allowing the body to function and heal at optimal levels often leads to the resolution of symptoms ranging from headaches and pain to organ function and even depressive-type conditions.

An estimated 80%-90% percent of the population will suffer from headaches at some point. Approximately 15% of people experience a headache at any given time. Headaches, mental health, and many other conditions benefit from spinal adjustments all over the world. Drug therapy serves as the most prescribed form of relief from headaches, but people deserve to know, understand, and experience the benefits of Chiropractic care. The medical community often prescribes powerful drugs with dangerous side effects which offer no permanent solution to these conditions. Chiropractic care focuses on long-term and permanent healing.

Research from June of 2018 showed Chiropractic adjustments helped with chronic headaches of more than two years in duration by reducing stress in the autonomic nervous system. Headache relief also accompanied reduced feelings of sadness and decreased bouts of extremely low moods. Participants also reported a decrease in thoughts of death and suicide. Many study participants previously sought relief through physical therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese therapy, and even six-month regimens of various drug treatments. Results of previous interventions yielded little to no benefits. The study concluded after six months of Chiropractic care which focused on restoring function and healing. All participants reported a decreased or absent presence of headache pain and depressive-type symptoms as well as the reduction or elimination of medication use.

The benefits of removing interference from the nervous system through gentle and precise adjustments to the spine often result in a reduction or elimination of symptoms. The body possesses powerful innate intelligence that always strives for adaptation and balance. The majority of unwelcome symptoms occur due to interference in the body. A significant form of interference in the nervous system comes from spinal bones being misaligned or not moving appropriately. This interference (called subluxation) occurs in much of the population due to stress. People routinely care for their cardiovascular system, digestive system, and immune system but overlook the need for routine nervous system care and maintenance. The irony being that the nervous system regulates the health of all other systems. Every adult and child deserve a health care plan involving nervous system care.

Chiropractic Keeps the Body Young

Published in CORE NEWS
Monday, 03 September 2018

Abnormal Posture & Spinal Alignment Increases Degeneration

Properly aligning every axle on an automobile prevents abnormal wear and tear on the tires. Necessary preventative maintenance ensures longevity. A similar example occurs within the human spine. The pads between each spinal bone consist of soft tissue and abnormal alignment translates into additional wear. The pads (intervertebral discs) consist of cartilage and water. Water makes up 70% of the discs between each bone to create mobility and cushion. The combination of soft cartilage tissue and water requires proper alignment in order to sustain durability and long-term mobility.  

Research shows that abnormal postural and spinal alignment increase the risk and progression of spinal degeneration. A study from 2017 showed that asymmetrical distribution of loads on the spine caused greater rates of joint and disc degeneration. Chiropractic adjustments improve the alignment and movement of the spine while decreasing the risk and progression of spinal joint and disc degeneration. 

Adjustments improve the alignment and movement of the spine. The spine’s intimate connection with the central nervous system allows each adjustment to improve the brain’s ability to receive and send appropriate messages to all organs, cells, and tissues. Not only do people of all ages experience pain relief, greater mobility, and the prevention of spinal joint degeneration, in addition many achieve increased levels of health and wellness by getting adjusted on a regular basis. 

Low back pain will affect more than eighty percent of people at some point in their lives.  More than fifty percent of adults over the age of 55 have disc degeneration. Many of these people experienced no signs or symptoms of pain or discomfort until well after advanced degeneration compromised their overall health. These numbers stress the importance of implementing Chiropractic adjustments as part of any health care plan.  

Chiropractic promotes overall wellness within the body and serves every member of the family, not just those who are experiencing pain and discomfort. Research continues to show the positive influence that one single session of Chiropractic exhibits on brain function. Improving spinal mobility, maximizing the health of all organs, and lowering the risk of spinal degeneration represent just a few of the health benefits which come from regular nervous system care.

Doctors and healthcare practitioners across the globe continue to endorse and recommend Chiropractic to their patients in 2018. Fully understanding and promoting true health care means recognizing the value of pain and drug free options which promote overall wellness and natural healing within the body. Overwhelming research and scientific evidence prove that Chiropractic produces exceptional results in every family’s pursuit of optimal health.

Experts have determined that higher temperatures and increasing levels of carbon dioxide contribute to more intense and longer-lasting allergy symptoms.

"We have higher temperatures and increasing levels of carbon dioxide," Dr. Jeffrey Demain, a board-certified allergist and immunologist, said at the March meeting of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.

“The allergy seasons throughout the year are getting longer, as much as 27 days longer than they were even seven to 10 years ago increasing the opportunity for exposure to allergies”, Demain said. “A staggering 25 percent of our population has some form of allergic disease. These issues are going to affect a vast number of people throughout the world.”

Before rushing to the medicine cabinet to hush the body’s response to allergens, important information provides a safer alternative to treating allergies. People need to understand the cause of allergies and why certain people suffer from symptoms and others do not. Pollen gets most of the credit for causing allergies, but that assessment provides only a partial explanation. Pollen definitely represents a stressor to the body. Adaptation remains the critical element in avoiding or overcoming allergies. If ten people walk into a room filled with pollen, only half or fewer will experience allergy symptoms. The difference rests in the body’s ability to recognize and adapt to the pollen. A lower ability to adapt will trigger an allergic response to the stressor of pollen. Itchy eyes, congestion, a runny nose, and sneezing soon follow. 

An adaptation analogy involves filling a bucket with water. The bucket (body) possesses a capacity to withstand the presence of water (allergens). Allergens like pollen populate the bucket but the bucket houses the contents without issue until the quantity of water exceeds the capacity of the bucket. The body’s ability to adapt represents the size of the bucket and how much water can be held before overflowing. People unaffected by allergies possess a larger adaptation bucket that never reaches the body’s capacity to deal with allergens.

The body can adapt and combat the majority of allergens. Many other factors also help the body fight allergens by improving adaptability. Chiropractic and postural care serve as a powerful ally. Results of a 2010 study has shown people under Chiropractic care experienced higher levels of immune-producing antibodies in the blood. Specific antibodies help minimize effects of allergy-inducing agents. Diet, exercise, and emotional health also play important roles in minimizing the effects of allergies. 

Medical doctors recommended anti-histamine drugs as a primary allergy solution. Those drugs produce harmful side effects and never resolve the core cause of the problem, meaning people continually ingest these drugs without hope for permanent resolution. Allergy sufferers need a drugless solution to combat allergy symptoms. Chiropractic provides a safe and drugless solution to help address the cause of dysfunction which contributes to so many symptoms. Chiropractic helps the body adapt and fight back.

Support the body’s ability to combat pollen and other allergy-inducing agents with these tips:

1.    Regular chiropractic care and good posture at computer desks or work stations

2.    Reduce the consumption of sugar and refined processed carbohydrates (grains, etc)

3.    Reduce stress through mind-body practices such as yoga, breathing, and meditation

4.    Increase activity - walking, jogging, high intensity interval training, and resistance training.

5.    Increase water consumption (50% of body weight in ounces)

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